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Skye Magee Penderwick is the second oldest Penderwick sister, being twelve by the third book. She is stubborn and feisty and the most "book smart" of her sisters. Her interests include advanced math, astrophysics and soccer. Skye appears in all three books. It was said by Jeanne Birdsall that she will appear in the fourth book also, which takes place five and a half years later.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Skye Penderwick was born one year after her older sister Rosalind. Some of her earliest memories include baking chocolate chip cookies with her mother and Jane, and putting batter in Jane's hair. When she is three, she refuses to eat asparagus that her mother has given her, and screams until her face turns purple. "Out of desperation," Aunt Claire says, Elizabeth sticks the asparagus up her own nose, Skye quiets down and has loved asparagus since. At age five, Nick Geiger builds a skate board ramp and Skye rides Tommy's skateboard over it. When Skye is seven, she goes with her sisters to visit her mother in the hospital, and shortly there after her mother dies. When in second grade, which is presumed to be the same year, Skye learns long division and her teacher accuses her of cheating. When she is ten, she vacations at Cape Cod and rides her raft past the waves and has to be rescued by the lifegaurd. That following spring, she recalls Jane dangling her from her ankles over the Quigley Woods bridge so that she can retrieve a soccer ball stuck on the rocks below. Batty has a memory in which Skye accidently drops Batty into the sea at Cape Cod, and Batty says that she "almost drowned," although the exact time of this is unknown.

The PenderwicksEdit

Skye drives with her family on a three week vacation to Arundel Hall when she is 11, during the summer before 6th grade. She meets Jeffrey Tifton by crashing into him in a tunnel through a hedge, and from there her two week vacation* is a whirlwind of exciting mishaps and adventures. While she is there she stays in a "perfect" white bedroom, and teaches herself Algebra. She has some awkward and tumultous run ins with Mrs. Tifton, but by the end she is fast friends with Mrs. Tifton's son, Jeffrey.

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The Penderwicks on Gardam StreetEdit

Skye begins 6th grade at Wildwood Elementary by switching homework assignments with Jane, a seemingly innocent rule infraction at the time, which turns out to be disastrous for everyone involved. While Skye's science report for Jane gets a good grade and is filed away without further thought, Jane's play is chosen to be preformed by the 6th grade with Skye cast as the leading role. As it turns out, Skye's stage fright makes it unable for her to preform and Jane takes her place at the last minute. Skye befriends her neighbor, an astrophysicist, Iantha, and comes up with the Save Daddy Plan. In the very end of the book she is a bridesmaid at her father ,and Iantha's wedding.

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The Penderwicks at Point Mouette Edit

In the summer before 7th grade, when she is 12, Skye drives with Jane and Batty to a cottage at Point Mouette with her Aunt Claire. Jeffrey arrives soon after. Aunt Claire breaks her ankle and Skye's responsibilities as OAP grow almost out of her control. She loses it a few times under all the pressure but must pull herself together to help Jeffrey cope with discovering who his biological father is. At the end of their vacation, Skye gets a short hair cut along with Jane, Batty, and their new friend, Mecades, for moral support, and arrives back at Gardam Street to reunite with Rosalind, Mr. Penderwick, Iantha and Ben.

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The Penderwicks in Spring Edit

Skye is first seen in the fourth book tapping away on her computer and messing up her hair.

The Future Edit

At the beginning of The Penderwicks, Skye recalls her family's trip along with her three other sisters. It is presumed they are having this conversation when they are at least adults, so the most logical conclusion one can draw is Skye lives until adult hood and her sisters are not talking to a re-animated corpse.


Skye has straight blond hair and blue eyes. She is mentioned to look much like her mother, but Skye doesn't consider herself a match for her mother's beauty. Her hair is of a medium length until the third book when she gets a haircut along with Jane and Batty. Afterwards it is said she has mature-looking, cropped blond hair. Many characters have described Skye as being pretty (including her new half baby brother Ben), but she resents this description, saying there are much better things to be, like being intelligent. She tends to wear jeans and black tee shirts most of the time.

Personality Edit

Skye is, to most appearances, a tough, outgoing girl, not afraid to speak her mind. She has a sharp tongue and is inclined to be sarcastic, this often coming across in the form of humor. She eschews "girly" behaviors like dressing up and wearing makeup, and is not interested in dating. She is pragmatic and realistic, and often becomes frustrated by Jane's idealism, and feels detached from Batty because she is young and sees the world in a way Skye finds it hard to relate to, as well as, until partway through the fourth book, Skye blames Batty for her mother's death. Elizabeth Penderwick found she had cancer after she was pregnant and decided to not treat it but to keep Batty instead.

Skye exudes a tough exterior, but when she is under a great deal of stress at Point Mouette this erodes and her other, softer, side is revealed. Slowly she starts to realize that her tough outer demeanor does not always reflect how she truly feels.

She is very neat and orderly to the extent of perfectionism. She detests disorder and frequently clashes with her messy sister Jane, with whom she shares a bedroom. Skye, when she becomes serious about doing something, is deeply committed, hard working and determined to do things right. This connects with her desire for order, evidenced by the extensive lists she created on how to take care of Batty when Rosalind left the sisters for a week. This determination most often manifests itself as stubbornness, a trait she inherited from her mother. She is shown to never back down from a challenge, and is willing to take physical and occasionally emotional risks.

Skye is notorious for a short, violent temper which she is deeply ashamed of and labors painfully over controlling. As she matures this trait mellows a little, and at first Skye had a tendency to be argumentative and easily provoked, and prone to get sulky and lash out when things didn't go very well.

She is often hostile towards new people, and isn't that great at making small talk because of her antisocial tendencies and a lack of care for restraining her tongue for the sake of making a good impression. This makes her come across as blunt, impetuous and disagreeable. This was originally because she was uninterested in others opinions and was essentially self-concerned, something she grows out of and starts to finally see outside of her own interests, beginning to worry more about her own sisters' wellbeing. She hates to see her sisters upset or hurt, and she has a strong sense of honour and family loyalty.

Skye is an intellectual and loves to learn. However, she is almost exclusively interested in math and science, and is hopeless at creative writing. It is also shown that Skye is interested in becoming an astrophysicist, and in the third book she brings a book by Neil deGrasse Tyson, a famous astrophysicist, with her to Point Mouette. 


Family Edit

Rosalind Penderwick- Skye gets along all right with Rosalind. It is mentioned that Rosalind keeps bailing out for Skye, so she decided to send Jane to apologize to Jeffrey about Skye's unfortunate meeting with him. Skye often seeks Rosalind's advice on matters such as temper and feelings. Skye and Rosalind care for each other, but their relationship is not as close as Skye's relationship with Jane.

Jane Penderwick- Skye and Jane have to share a room. They often have mild arguments, but they get along fairly well. They even switched homework assignments twice, first when Skye built Jane a model wind tower in exchange for Jane writing Skye some poems, and second - this one causing trouble - Skye writing Jane's antibiotics science essay for her and Jane wrote Skye's Aztec play, Sisters and Sacrifice, which turned out to be so good Skye's teacher chose it for the play to perform at a school gala night. Later, they both confess to their family and their teachers that they switched homework the second time. Skye and Jane are the closest out of all the sisters, and often talk about their secrets.

Batty Penderwick- Skye dislikes having to take care of Batty, and Skye is the most awkward sister around Batty, possibly due to her more tomboyish nature than the other sisters, and their age differences. They visited Arundel together once but Batty caused a mess in the room, which made Mrs. Tifton very angry and called Batty "odd", but when Batty asked Skye later if she really was odd, Skye told her she was perfect, and Mrs. Tifton didn't know what she was talking about. When Skye was the OAP in the third book, she spent all her time worrying about Batty getting blown up.

Love interests Edit

Pearson - Pearson had a crush on Skye ever since the second book, when he played Coyote in the Sisters and Sacrifice play written by Jane, but which Skye pretended to have written. Pearson said he thought Skye was a very good writer, though Jane was the one who actually wrote the play. He asked Skye out to the movies, but she had no interest in him, telling him to "go soak your head, Pearson." It is also mentioned in the third book that Skye kissed Pearson so he would stop asking her out, but then she punched him in the face.

Jeffrey Tifton - It is hinted that Jeffrey might like Skye. They were sworn enemies at first, when Skye crashed into him and blurted things about his mother. Later, they make up when Jeffrey "saves" Batty's life. Also, when Mr. Penderwick asked Jeffrey if the girls were driving him crazy, Jeffrey said, "Oh, no, sir. Well, except Skye," and he nimbly avoided the punch Skye aimed at him. When they are invited to Jeffrey's birthday party, Churchie suggests a light blue dress for Skye since it matched her eyes, but Jeffrey commented "Since it's so dainty and ladylike," causing Skye to refuse wearing it. At the party, when he mentioned waltzing, he tried showing Skye by dancing with her until she said, "Forget it, show Rosalind." When Skye and Batty visited his house again later, Jeffrey attempted to teach Skye to play the piano, but he finally let her win and they fought on the floor by tickling each other, causing Mrs. Tifton to get mad at them. In the second book, Skye went to see him at his boarding school in Boston for the weekend, and later she buries her present from him, a mug, in her clothing drawer and resolves to never drinking out of it. Jeffrey also appeared in the epilogue of the second book, where Skye and Jane both rushed to greet and hug him. In the third book, he talked to Skye about them marrying at some point in the future, but Skye shrugged it off and felt his forehead, jokingly asking if he was feeling alright and then with Jane was reminded of the experience when she accidentally slips it to her (also note that in all the situations Jane reminds her, she never finishes a sentence where she confirms that would not happen.) Later still, while watching the twin moose in the woods, they tell each other that "sometimes I miss you" and that they wished they lived closer together. Also, near the end of Point Mouette, Skye dances with a shell underneath the stars, but then throws it into the ocean and comes back to her senses. She seems jealous of Jeffrey's cousins, probably not romantically, because she asks how far away they are and if they play soccer. When he ran off after realizing Alec was his father, Jeffrey asked Skye not to cry, and she was the one who was able to calm him down, as she knows him best of all the sisters. She also lost her balance and almost toppled off the sea wall, which made Jeffrey anxious and made him apologize to her. Skye also spent a large amount of time with Jeffrey in the third book, because Jane was caught up with Dominic at the time. These are all only very subtle hints, and no real evidence is shown that they are in love until the fourth book, where Skye and Jeffrey are both 17. Jeffery is desperate to date Skye, but Skye hates this idea. She even bans him from the house for a short period of time.


Genevieve - In the second book, Genevieve is only briefly mentioned but Skye waved at her before she (Skye) rushed off to yell at Jane about the Sisters and Sacrifice play.

Melissa - Melissa and Skye are frenemies. They used to be bitter rivals, especially as Skye was the captain of Antonio's Pizza and her the captain of Cameron Hardware, two soccer teams that competed against each other. After the final game, they talked and when Melissa started crying, Skye reluctantly hugged her. It turned out Melissa was jealous of Skye because she liked Pearson, and since she was smart and pretty.

Molly - Molly is one of Skye's soccer friends in the fourth book.

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